7 fun Art Activities for Toddlers

Fun Art

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Fun Art
Fun Art Activities

Children love art and craft projects as it keeps them busy and entertained for a while. They also enhance imagination, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Are you looking for some creative art activities to try with your toddler?

Read further; in this article, we will be discussing seven art activities and how to do them?

Playdough poke in

Playdough Poke-in

Playdough is the solution to all I am bored mama problems. It is a fun and creative way to enhance your child’s imagination and creativity. You can use beads, shapes, or any other pattern to poke in. Take a few animals, poke them in and observe their footprints.

Sticker collage art

Sticker Collage
Sticker Collage

If you are on a budget and want to create an innovative game, sticker collage art is your activity. This simple craft can keep your child busy for a while. You can use different shapes and ask your child to make a robot. Use animal stickers and let him paste them according to the category it belongs to.

Bubble wrap painting

Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble wrap painting helps develop fine motor skills and enhances your child’s attention span. You can attach the bubble wrap to a table and let your child paint over it. The bumpy bubbles will excite your child to poke them and paint.

Painting with wheels

wheel painting
Painting with Wheels

Who doesn’t love cars? And if we combine cars with paints, who wouldn’t wanna do it? Painting with wheels is a traditional and fun way of painting and exploring different patterns. Your child can use different types of cars for this activity and observe each car’s painting patterns. We are sure you will be amazed at the beautiful end product.

Make your own paint

new pain
Making own Paint

If your child loves to squeeze paints and use them generously all over himself, try making some non-toxic paint at home. Let’s face it; you can never leave your little one unattended while painting due to the mess and the risk of paint intake. You can try making some homemade paint by mixing flour, water, and food color to get a thick paint that your child can use just the way he wants.

Mixing the paint and adding food color will teach him about color mixing and how secondary colors are made from the primary ones.

Stringing beads

Stringing Beads

String beads together and making jewelry out of them is everyone’s favorite childhood memory. You can also let your child do beading and create something artistic. It is a great activity to enhance hand-eye coordination and the attention span in children.

You can also use macaroni for the same activity. Let your child first paint pasta and then bead them together.

Painting with different brushes

Painting with different brushes

Why limit your child’s painting experience with plain painting brushes. You can let him experiment with discarded toothbrushes, make-up brushes, and cleaning brushes. It will be an excellent opportunity for them to explore different tips and patterns.

Final words

Art activities are an excellent way to keep your child entertained creatively. We hope that our list will help you make unforgettable memories with your children and make them learn something new. 

Comment below your favorite art activities for children.

Sue Brown

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