How to keep your toddler entertained?

entertain toddler

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Toddlers are packed with enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity. They want to explore something new every day and quickly get bored. Their little brains are constantly busy learning new things and finding answers to unknown questions.

According to a study, 43% of energy in a young child is consumed by his brain. That is the reason for their constant physical and mental activity. If you are tired of listening to I am bored mama a million times, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will be discussing some fun ways to keep your little ones entertained for a while.

Give them Playdough


Young children love Playdough; Its soft, molding texture makes it an excellent option for open-ended play. If you worry your little one might eat a few chunks of it, you can always make it at home. Children can use different shapes to cut and create a fun play.

Playdough is also great for fine motor skills development and helps enhance the attention span.

Take them to the park

Safety Playground1
Safety Playground

Going out in the park is an excellent way to make your child exert his never-ending energy. You can take them to swings or plan your games with them. Even if your child doesn’t like to do anything, simply running around and exploring his environment would keep him busy for a while.

Give them a bath

Giving Bath

Soapy water and some fun bath toys are all you need to keep your child happy for a long time. It is like a trip to the swimming pool without sunscreens, bathing suits, and the hassle of actually leaving the house. Your child can play with his toys for as long as he wants. Trust us; this is the most engaging and entertaining activity for the little ones.

Have a playdate

Play date1
Play Date

If your child is bored of playing alone, planning a fun playdate can do the job. You can plan something fun like a movie night, slumber party, or a simple soccer game in the backyard. Having other children over at your place will make your child happy, but it will also develop his social skills and interactive abilities.

Read books together

Reading Books1 2
Reading Books

Nothing is more delightful than snuggling in a blanket with cocoa in your hands and reading a good book. If your child cannot read yet, you can always be the storyteller. Read him his favorite books with actions to make it more interesting. Reading books together helps in vocabulary development, and it also helps create a close, loving bond between the two of you.

Building blocks

Building Blocks
Building Blocks

If nothing works for you, we are sure building blocks will cast their charm. This evergreen toy is the best source of entertainment for children. They can spend hours trying to build something out of their imagination and create a play. Building block are also ideal for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Final words

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