5 Sensorial Activities for Infants

Sensorial Activities

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Sensorial Activities
Sensorial Activities

Sensory play is any form of play that stimulates a child’s senses. It is the primary form of learning from the environment. Since the early days of an infant, he starts exploring things by touching them and feeling their textures. As the senses develop, he starts exploring more of his environment with all five senses.

According to a study, sensory play in the early years helps build neural pathways in children that help in learning complex tasks as they grow up.

You should also provide your child with different sensory tools to enhance his learning capabilities. Are you looking for some enjoyable sensory activities? Look no further; in this article, we will be covering five sensory activities for infants.

Hanging mobiles

hanging Mobile
Hanging Mobiles

Children spend most of their time in their cribs during the initial days. Hanging a sensory mobile in the crib can help stimulate your child’s visual skills. The colors and constant movement allow them to develop visual skills and enhance their observation.

You can use a colorful crib mobile along with lights and movement to keep your little one engaged for a longer time.

Sensory development: Sight

Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are an ideal way to stimulate multiple senses in your child. You can create it at home as well. Add any material like pebbles, marbles, or coins inside a bottle and seal the cap with glue to secure it well. Your child can shake the bottles, look at them and feel the textures. It is a great way to engage him and let him learn from his senses.

Sensory development: Sight, Hearing, and Touch

Playing with paint

Playing with paints
Playing with Paints

Children love to play with paints but exposing your little one to them can be toxic. You can create taste-friendly paints by adding drops of food color into yogurt. You kiddo would love to explore the soft texture and the yummy flavor. It will also aid in visual stimulation and color recognition.

Sensory Development: Sight, Touch and Taste

Mirror Games

Mirror Games
Mirror Games

Mirror games are a fun and exciting way to teach your little one about body awareness. Infants love to look at themselves in the mirror because they like to observe their body movements. It enhances their visual and observation skills. Once the child grows up, you can ask them about different body parts. 

Sensory development: sight, body awareness.

Texture Boards and Sensory Bins

Texture Boards

Texture boards and sensory bins help enhance the sense of touch in children. Our little ones love to observe the environment and learn different things through their minds. You can create a board or bin with different textures at home and give it to your infant for playing and exploring.

You can add tin foil, cotton balls, beads, feathers, sponges, and other different textures. Make sure everything is child-friendly and doesn’t cause a choking hazard.

Sensory development: touching

Final Thoughts

As a responsible parent, you must provide your little one with maximum opportunities to explore his environment and learn from it. Things like sensory bins, mirror games, eatable paint, and playdough can be some excellent options, to begin with.

We hope that our five sensory activities for infants will help you engage your child and make them learn different things.

Sue Brown

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