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Not sure what to do with your kiddos during the changing seasons. Well you’ve come to the right place. I love Fall when the leaves on the trees start to change and there is a zest of bright colors. Children can learn so much with each season and what’s around them. Therefore, nature is always a great place to start with helping them to explore their surroundings. These activities are great for 18 to 40 months.

Creating Apple Prints:
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love bringing the kids to pick their own apples or pumpkins. This helps them to explore tastes such as apple cider, popcorn, and apple cider donuts. After we bring home all the apples we pick, it allows us to create fun activities with them.
1 Apple
Paper Towel
Water or Child Safe Paint
Disposable Paper plate
Light Colored Construction Paper

Steps for Activity:
1. Take the apple and cut it in half
2. Pour some paint in the paper plate so they can your to dip the apple
3. Show your 18-40 month old how to dip the apple in the paint then press it on your construction paper. It will make a surprising figure!

Putting Leafs together in a Collage:


Measuring Tape

2 Construction papers




Autumn Leaves you picked from a walk

Steps for the Activity:

  1. Gather your leafs and measure your child’s head
  2. Cut your construction paper 2 inches wide and staple it together to the size of your child’s head
  3. Glue or staple the leaves on the crown

Corn Stamps:


Corn on a cob is one of my favorite things to eat but it can also be a fun activity for your child to explore textures while doing something fun.


1 dried ear of corn


Paper or Plastic Plate

Light Colored Construction Paper

Here’s What to Do:

  1. Have your child roll the corncob in the paint as if they were using a paint roller
  2. Then the fun part, show your child how to roll it in as many different ways they can on the paper and note the pattern.

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Sue Brown

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