What to do when your child refuses to eat new foods

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It can be very frustrating when you’ve worked hard to make a meal for your child and they just refuse it. Keep reading to find out ways you can help your child eat new foods when they are refusing. Have you gotten upset when your child refused to eat their food? what did you do and how did you react. Did you attempt to figure out why or just settled with the fact that they weren’t going to eat at all. Well you’ve come to the right place to learn some tips to try when your child doesn’t want to eat. When you are introducing new foods to your child even if they show dislike for a certain food you present to them don’t get upset and don’t lose your patience. Instead work on substituting similar nutritional foods they like. Add some amounts to the food they don’t like and see how they what they do. If they won’t eat any of the food you worked hard on just freeze whatever it is at the moment and offer it a few days later.


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You should never force your child to eat food. Not only could it traumatize your child it can also create a situation where they may never want to eat that food again. Instead investigate why they are refusing. Is it the texture, the smell or simply just the taste. Can you alter it, to make it taste or smell better? If it’s tough can you make it softer? These are all things you can take into consideration the next time you notice your child refusing something. Look at the behaviors in your household. Children tend to model what they see most of the time. If family members in your household are picky eaters, a child can model this behavior too! The key is to be persistent in trying the introduce the food again at a later time.

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When you reintroduce food your child dislikes, start with a small amount as mentioned before. Add it to foods they enjoy and see how they tolerate it. Your child may touch it to see how it feels, or even smell it again. Or they may have forgotten all about it and not even recognize they didn’t like it. So you may be off to a new start each time you try to reintroduce foods. Colors of food can attract a baby to it, so mix and match your colors. Try different textures and note the ones they like and the ones they don’t. This maybe a new experience for you and baby so have fun with it, but most importantly be patient and persistent with your child.

Sue Brown

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