Best way to introduce solids

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A simple way to introduce solids to your baby is to start when your baby is ready or you’ve gotten the go ahead from your baby’s Pediatrician. A simple solid to try is baby rice cereal.
Rice cereal is single grain, easy to digest, and would not lead to intolerance or allergy.

When is the best time to try new food?
A good time is after baby has been partially fed in the morning with bottle or breast. Its a good time because they are not too hungry.

When is it not a good time to try new food?
You don’t what to give your baby new food at night. Its hard to tell if they can have an allergic reaction or if the food irritates baby then it will keep you up all night.

Giving the first bite
Before you give your baby any food, test it out and make sure its tepid. If you don’t have one a small weaning spoon can help with feeding your baby by placing the cereal on their tongue.

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Enjoy the experience
Food may not necessarily go into their mouths it may end up on their face or bib or even the floor but enjoy the moment. You are learning how to feed your baby and your baby is learning how to receive food. Continue until your baby is no longer interested. Initial feedings are mostly to broaden your baby’s awareness to textures and taste.

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Baby’s nourishment will continue from breastmilk and formula. So there is no need to rush solids just enjoy your baby’s new way of taking in food. When rice cereal becomes tolerated you will have the opportunity to increase the amount.

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