How to know if your baby is full

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If you’re a new mom, figuring out if your baby is full or hungry can be tricky. Baby’s are known to have a natural instinct or what’s known as an appestat. Their appestat sends a signal to the brain to help them stop eating.

How do you know your baby is full?
Pay attention to these signals your baby gives to let you know they are full.
Newborn Babies
New borns will spit out nipple or fall asleep whenever they are satisfied.
6 to 12 months
Signals a 6 to 12 month old will demonstrate is spitting out food, being inclined to open their mouth, hold food in their mouth, push bottle or food away, or turn their heads away.
1 to 2 years
These kiddos will shake their heads to say no when they are full. Its as simple as that but wait there’s more. They can also block their mouths with their hands or push and throw food, plate, or spoon.

2 to 3
At this age, your child will become more aware of signaling to you when they are done. This includes actually saying their finish or removing themselves from the table. They will also push their food away and try to remove any bibs they may be wearing.

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