Best Solids to Introduce to Baby Month to Month

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This is a quick and easy time table on how to introduce your baby to solids month to month. If you’re doing earlier than six months for example some mama’s start at four, I would introduce rice cereals in small increments depending on baby tolerates it.

6 Months:

Baby cereal- Single grain, rice, oats, barley

Vegetable- Sweet potato, peas

Fruits- Apples, pears, avocados, bananas

7 Months:

Vegetables- Squash, acorn, butternut squash, yellow, potatoes

Fruits- nectar, peaches, plums, prunes

8 Months

Cereal- Single grain wheat

Vegetables- Carrots, string beans, wax beans

Fruits- Apricots cooked, blueberries, seedless watermelon

Misc- Eggs boiled, Noodles, Crackers,  cheerios

9 Months

Vegetables- broccoli, cauliflower, spinach

Fruits- cantaloupe, papaya

Misc- Chicken, beef, ham, tofu

10 Months

Vegetables- Cabbage, parsnip, leek, bell pepper, parsley, celery

Fruit- Kiwi, Melon, Cherry halves

Misc- Pancakes, waffles, legumes

11 Months

Vegetable- Brussel sprouts, turnips, beets, kale, romaine lettuce

Fruits- pineapple, raisin( soft, cooked) grape halves, raspberries

Misc-Polenta, couscous, beans

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Sue Brown

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