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To treat common infant illnesses, parents have always turned to their meadows and cabinets. Complementary and alternative medicine is now widely used not only by adults but also by children. Whether it’s a massage of olive oil on the stomach to relieve stomach pains or use oatmeal in a bath to soothe the itchiness due to dry skin, there are home remedies parents do in almost every part of the world.

However, not all herbal remedies are as safe as a tablespoon of crushed grapes. Thus, it is highly recommended that you check with your child’s doctor to ensure that anything you use is healthy or if the child’s condition is not getting better.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the best home remedies for your child to treat various medical conditions. Let us have a look at them!

Treating congestion with onion

When your younger one has a cough, a raw, sliced onion may not be your first option for an air freshener in the baby’s bed, but it does help in breaking up the congestion of your baby. Simply slice an onion in half and put it next to the bed or crib on a tray. When it comes to a stuffy nose, nothing beats a true old-fashioned onion. The sheer smell of the onion helps in removing the mucus in the nose, and your baby can have a sigh of relief.


Explaining in detail, the Sulphur in onions pulls mucus and fluids out of the body. If your kid has a stuffy nose, it will help to clear it up with no negative side effects other than a strong odor in the room. This odor can be cleared after some time.

Steaming for congestion

The shower can also provide relief for your baby’s stuffy nose and cough. First, steam up your bathroom with hot water coming through the shower. When you let your baby go to the bathroom, the hot steam will enter the nostrils of your kid thereby removing the clogged mucus inside. Do this drill every day if the situation of your child is not good. Even a 10 minutes steaming session will do wonders without any side effects.

Treating a fever with lemon

Though fevers can be frightening for parents, they are an indication that the body’s immune system is functioning properly. Although fever in a baby under the age of three months should be taken seriously and treated by a doctor, most fevers do nothing more than make the baby uncomfortable.

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Slice a lemon into a bowl of warm water to absorb the fruit’s herbal oils to help relieve fever. Offer your baby a sponge bath with soft lemon water and a cotton pad. Lemon’s cooling effects, along with evaporating water, help to reduce fever.

Changing mother’s diet for treating gas in a baby

One of the common causes of stomach aches in infants is the diet of their mothers. The best thing, in this case, is to change the diet of the mothers. By avoiding certain types of foods, mothers can reduce the chances of excessive gas production in their babies.

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