Keep Packing for your Labor Simple

Labor Packing Checklist

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Packing for your labor can be tricky, mostly if you’re going to be a new mom. So what are your essentials and what should your keep at home? When I packed for my hospital stay, I thought the greatest thing to have was my nightgown and robe. However, to be honest, if you think about what’s going on physically with you after giving birth you may want to reconsider bringing your best wear.

Keep it simple

I was happy to use the hospital gowns because if they got dirty no one cared. You just take them off and throw them in the linen. That’s not the case if you bring your own clothes and trust me, they will get dirty. So save yourself having to worry about doing laundry when you get home and you are super tired because you just gave birth.

So should you bring underwear?

I brought a few underwear the one I wore going into the hospital and another pair for leaving. You don’t really need them because once again you’ll have mesh undies the hospital provides and peri-pads. Soap and lotion, this I did bring only because the bars of soap you get in the hospital is small and irritates my skin so I opted to bring my own. My skin gets very dry even in the summer so my own lotion was essential plus the hospital one is mainly water and not nourishing to your skin. I also thought the hospital socks worked perfectly fine, although I did bring a pair of flip flops. The simple thing about everything mentioned above is they can all be thrown away.

So what do I need?

Toothbrush and Toothpaste is a must! Although the hospital provides them trust me you want to bring your own. I was so thankful I brought my own. The toothbrushes’ and toothpaste the hospital provided was cheaply made and the bristles came out while the toothpaste tasted like chalk. A hairbrush and tie to keep your hair together, shampoo and conditioner. Your baby pump and all of its essentials, contacts, glasses, soap, lotion, snacks, a set of clothes (with bra) for when you leave the hospital, car seat, and a camera for all the special moments.

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