Unique Baby Names

unique baby names

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The most popular baby names are great, of course. But, there are more than the top names! You need a stand-out name for your stand-out little one. In this article, you’ll find ten of the most unique baby names.

You can consider any of them for your little bundle of joy. Remember, that it’s important to pick a name that you feel suits your new baby the best.

1. Anders

This name, who sounds so modern, is the Scandinavian form of Andrew. If you’re planning on naming your son after a family member who’s named Andrew, but want it to be slightly different then that’s a perfect choice. 

2. Axel

This name of Danish origins means “my father is peace” in Hebrew. Axel can also be spelled Aksel, another unique variation. ok

3. Bertram

This name translates as “bright raven” in German. The name was presented to the English-speaking world by the Normans. 

Unique Baby Names

4. Ciaran

With Irish roots, Ciaran is a name pronounced with a k sound. And can also be spelled, Kieran. It’s a diminutive of Ciar, which means “black” in Irish. ok

5. Deacon

This has been a surname, initially. And also the term used for a clerical role in the ministry. Deacon makes a great first name. It is a name that suggests power and wholesomeness.

6. Aminah

This name translates from the Arabic vocabulary as “feel safe.” It was the prophet Muhammad’s mother’s name. If you want another spelling, more unique, then opt for Aamina, Aaminah, or Amina. 

7. Belinda

The significance behind this name is unsure. Some believe it may derive from the Italian word Bella. Which translates beautiful, and the German word lind, which translates delicate. Alexander Pope, the poet, popularized the name. 

8. Chantria

The name derives from the Khmer language. This name means “moonlight.” A magical choice to name your daughter. 

unique baby names

9. Cinzia

This name is the Italian form of Cynthia. And has a unique sound to it. It’s pronounced with a ch sound. Cynthia comes from the archaic Greek term, meaning “woman from Kynthos.” 

10. Cressida

In mythology, Cressida was a Trojan woman who abandons her lover. Shakespeare’s plays Troilus and Cressida are based on this story.

Picking out a unique name for your baby girl or boy can be lots of fun. Because, as you can tell, there are endless possible names available. You just have to choose one. You can research different cultures and languages to get some inspiration. Or look back in history for unique names deriving from the past.

Many of these names also have more than one meaning. So when you tell your child why you opted for his or her name, you can choose the meaning that most resonates with the reason why you chose it.

Sue Brown

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