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Those of you who visited the ShopUp last December have already been introduced to The Simple Folk — what a fun stand it was, with so many of the team present (all the way from America!), with their adorable kids in tow! Created by friends and mothers, Jamie Morea and Abigail Brown, The Simple Folk creates a line of simple, nature-inspired play clothes which are super comfortable to wear and extremely easy to care for. The high-quality collection is ethically made from organic, natural fabrics which are fleecy and soft, yet strong and durable. The colours of the fabrics are beautiful! Very earthy and natural. But best of all is the fit of the adorable styles…
The drop crotch playsuits with skinny legs and sweet bellies poking out. Bubbly bloomers with little knee-socks showing squeezable baby legs or sweet skinny knees when kids are bigger. Chunky knits in wide, cropped styles. The Simple Folk just knows how to design styles which emphasise exactly those things which make small children so cherubic! Bram has been wearing some of the pieces and he looks just so delicious in them. And, as promised, they are so easy to wash and dry. I’m a fan!

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