Dinki Human, a gender-neutral, organic and entirely ethical collection

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Many brands are working in a more eco-conscious way these days. They are thinking about the way they manufacture and finding out how they can improve their production. Small steps are taken, sometimes big ones, and it is necessary and good. But Ester, the founder of Dinki Human, goes one step further in ensuring her collection is sustainable, natural and fair.
When creating her brand, she defined a strong brand ethos: designing and manufacturing with integrity and respect for ALL people AND the planet. These are not just hollow words or a marketing trick — Ester has very carefully ensured that each step of the process of creating children’s fashion is optimised to honour her ethos on each and every level.
But before going a bit deeper into Ester’s impressive brand ethos, let’s talk about how cute her collection is! She sent a few Dinki Human pieces for Bram, so we could see and feel the quality of the garments ourselves. And yes, her pieces are soft and strong, amazingly comfortable to wear, and super easy to wash and dry. They are also super cool and cute! The prints on the leggings and sleepsuits (designed by Ester in her home studio on the South Coast of the UK) are so fun. I am a huge fan of the ‘earth leopard‘ pattern: it looks like an animal print, but in reality it’s our world, set in a pattern. Love it!

So here’s how Dinki Human commits to stay true to their core values:
Not undervaluing the labour that went in to making the products, collections are continuous and non-seasonal. Dinki Human uses only certified organic cotton, non-toxic inks and dyes. To not contribute to the pollution of our oceans through micro-plastics, Dinki Human uses no animal or man-made fabrics. The brand is cruelty free — no animal products are used.
Packaging is recycled and entirely plastic-free. Garments are designed to last (details like turn-up cuffs ensure longer wear), and the Pre-Loved Initiative is designed to support customers in extending the life cycle of their products and to ensure the Dinki Human products avoid landfill.
The brand’s supply chain is entirely transparent. Dinki Human’s ethical standards ensure that everyone involved in making a Dinki Human product has been treated fairly.
Also — Dinki Human does not believe in conforming to gender stereotypes. The Dinki Human range is inclusive and gender-neutral, making children feel happy, safe, joyful and powerful.
Powerful is also a word that comes to mind when I’m thinking of Ester, of her collections and her admirable ethos. I can’t wait to see more of this young brand!

xxx Esther
PS This post is sponsored by Dinki Human, a new member of our shopping portal, and I brand I respect and am proud to help promote.
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