The Kids New Luxury Brand “One Two Three”

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We all know bunch of luxury brands for women and men, but for kids there are not many. Great news for all the fashion lover moms that a new chic brand has been launched recently and it is called “One Two Three”. This brand is for baby girls who loves to wear cool and fashionable clothes just like their moms.

The brand is founded by Yris Palmer for her daughter, Ayla Palmer. Ayla is also the model of the brand and she looks so adorable in the stylish outfits. She is looking so chic and cute wearing a suit set, sunglasses and a stylish handbag. We also can’t get enough of her sleek top knot bun. The brand’s November collection is so cute and adorable and they have baby suit sets for girls in three different colors.

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The brand will drop a new style every month in three different colors. Ayla’s own words are, ““I’m dropping a different style once a month in 1.2.3. colors. Once it’s sold out, it’s not coming back!”. The three years old also says about herself, “I am three years old, I love fashion and I was born an entrepreneur”.

Screen Shot 2020 11 28 at 11.46.17 PM

Yris Palmer has also sent beautiful baby suits for Stormi, daughter of her best friend Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner loved the suit sets and praised them on her Instagram. Yris has also sent suit sets to female influencers and they also have loved the collection very much. We can’t believe this that Ayla is only three and she has her own clothing line. We are really excited for the new opening of the brand and we wish One Two Three great luck. We also hope to see more cool collection in the future and cute photos of Ayla in them.

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