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Fall is here! Last week we enjoyed perhaps the last summery days in Amsterdam, but since then the autumn chill is definitely in the air. Our mornings are getting darker and the woollen slippers are back on our feet. The time is here for cords and woollens and I’m excited!

To prepare for the cold season I have ordered a few new seasonal pieces for my ever growing children and received the Fall/Winter catalogue from The Simple Folk included in my order. I’m just in love with all of the beautiful imagery! The Simple Folk is all about sustainability and comfort with pieces made from natural, organic fabrics that are soft yet warm and sturdy.
I’ve said it before, but I really like the way their styles fit — roomy and stretchy enough for unlimited freedom to play, but simultaneously highlighting all squeezable parts of children’s little bodies. The pieces are also very easy to care for and great to layer and combine with different pieces or brands. Above all that, the Fall and Winter lookbook shows that the brand deeply cares about inclusivity and natural parenting and I truly respect that.

Bram has been wearing pieces from The Simple Folk for a year now since we were first introduced to the brand, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that now they have extended their size range. There’s a size 6/7, a size 7/8 and even a size 9/10! The best of news for Ava and Casper!
Ava is all into fashion these days (she’s 10 now) and her favourite pieces for the upcoming season are this corduroy coat (matching with Bram!), these super cool jeans and this chunky knit sweater. For Bram I absolutely dig this Denim Boiler Suit — it is just the best! Casper loves his harem corduroy trousers with oversized pockets and a dropped crotch — perfect for a boy who is always playing football, climbing trees and loves to collect all sorts of treasures.

The collection is extensive with lots of great pieces — beautiful basics and great timeless designs which can be worn and passed on for years to come. Good to know as well is that sweet playsuits and cosy long johns are not limited to newborn and baby sizes — they go up to size 9/10 as well :).

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