Banana Boxers, the best boxer-shorts for all of the boys!

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You know how we sometimes love the mummy-and-me styles? Well, it turns out that guys love daddy-and-me items equally so!
Last Christmas, I got all of my boys matching Banana Boxers undershorts and they were the biggest hit. Pim and Casper (and Bram!) really embraced the fact that they got their own ‘big boy underwear’ — in matching fashion with their dad’s. And Tamar? He feels really, really special, to be dressed in tune with his sons!

Banana Boxers is a UK based brand, specialising in the coolest — and most comfortable — all-cotton boxer shorts in a variety of fun, colourful designs. The brand was founded in 2010 by Lottie Dodson, who grew up in trendy Notting Hill with a rowdy bunch of brothers. After having been faced with the struggle of what to buy them for Christmas just one time too many, she discovered a gap in the market and came up with the idea of starting her very own boxer short company.

My husband happens to be extremely demanding when it comes to boxer shorts. They obviously have to have the right loose (but not oversized) fit. Another important aspect is the fact that the elastic waist band needs to sit inside the fabric as opposed to be stitched on top of it. The fabric needs to be of great quality and the colours and patterns need to be super cool — for those occasions when a little piece of boxer short playfully peeks out of his jeans. (And, you know, for his wife.)
I’m happy to report that Banana Boxers tick all of the boxes! The colours and patterns are unique and fun, the fit is great, and the elastic band detail is approved as well. They also come at an agreeable price point!

My littler boys have also fully embraced the loose fitting boxer shorts and these are now their favourite style. So with Christmas coming, I will already have sorted some presents for the boys. Phew!
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