Top Five Baby Best Time Capsule Outfit Ideas

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As a mummy of two myself, Oscar now 8, and Ellie now 5,  I truly understand how difficult it can be to pack away those outgrown clothes that hold so many memories of our little one’s first days, weeks, months and years.

Me and my husband decided to create a time capsule for our children to give them on their 18 birthday. Along with these clothing items I decided to add a little message attached to it just so that they can relieve all the love throughout ages.

Each little baby clothing item holds a special place in your heart and you may not want to give everything away. It is always wise to give away clothing that you no longer use to the people who need it more.

Here are Top Five Baby Time Capsule Outfit Ideas:

1.      The first baby hospital outfit- This will be a walk down the memory lane, the first time the baby was dressed by the hospital staff and you holded the most precious part of your life.

2.      The first baby coming home outfit – Of Course, you wanted to make this special day more memorable by choosing the baby homecoming outfit. Along with this we also attached a picture of Oscar and Ellie wearing it so they feel the essence of how important their presence was to us.

3.      The first socks – Ahh, just how much happiness you can get from a small piece of clothing. Just to remind our children of the growth over time and how something so tiny one day can grow into a beautiful human being.

Socks Outfit

4.      The first Christmas outfits – This one has to be my favourite piece. All the planning that went into choosing the outfit and celebrating with our dear ones.

5.     The First Birthday Outfit – To one year of holding a piece of heart and seeing them grow so quickly over a year. First time they had a real number to represent their age.

Each & every outfit of your baby will be full of memories that you can cherish for your lifetime.

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Sue Brown

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