Simple baby shower games

Simple baby shower games

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To liven up the atmosphere on an afternoon with friends, you shouldn’t need much more than a few snacks and gifts. However, we can always bring some simple games prepared for our baby shower that revolve around the arrival of the new member of the family. That’s why we have prepared a list of simple baby shower games for you.


1- Baby-Stop

“Stop!”, the popular children’s game, can easily be adapted for a baby shower. All participants receive a blank sheet or template. Next, we will choose a letter of the alphabet, and each participant must write a word from each category that begins with that letter. The first to fill in all the categories shout “stop!” and everyone stops writing. Whoever has more words than the other participants will win. Instead of the typical categories (river, city, country…), we can use others that are related to the arrival of the new member of the family, such as:

  • baby names (from Andres to Zaira)
  • baby clothes (such as hat, bow, bodysuit…)
  • Baby toys (such as rattle, teether, bath book…)
  • Baby care products (such as talcum powder, wipes, cream…)
  • Baby’s developmental milestones (such as crawling, walking, talking…)

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to introducing categories into this game.

Simple baby shower games 3

2- Guess the prices

This game is especially challenging for guests who do not have children. Prepare baskets with different gifts and baby care products. Each basket should contain at least six objects, so the game is not too easy. The guests must guess what the entire basket is worth. Whoever comes closest to the right price gets to keep the basket and its contents (most guests, of course, will give their prize to the mom-to-be).

Simple baby shower games 4

What do you need for this game?

  • Gift baskets or boxes
  • Baby products (for example hygiene products, small toys, pacifiers…)
  • baby clothes (for example hats, bodysuits, socks…)

3- Birthday cards

With this emotional game, guests can send their best wishes for the next birthday to the new family member, thus obtaining a long-term gift for him. Distribute folding cards and envelopes to the guests, as many as birthdays they want to congratulate; for example, 18 cards to congratulate the 1st to the 18th birthday. The cards will be kept, and on each birthday, the corresponding one will be delivered (if the parents see fit).

Simple baby shower games 1 1

What do you need for this game?

  • 18 single-color folding cards with an envelope.
  • Pens.
  • Decoration, such as stickers or glitter.

4- Guess the jars

“Chicken with rice”, “Apple, orange, and mango with cookies”, “Vegetable stew”.

The variety of flavors in baby food jars is almost endless. Who can guess what they have inside them? For this game, buy different jars of baby food. You can either cover the eyes of the participants or cover the labels. Let the players compete with each other by guessing the flavors.

Simple baby shower games 2

What do you need for this game?

  • Different types of baby food jars.
  • Blindfolds or stickers.
  • Spoons.


The winners of the games we have suggested should receive a small prize. These can be both material and immaterial. Some ideas are:

  • Small bags with trinkets.
  • “Vouchers” for a coffee with the future mother.
  • Small hygiene products, such as nail polish, hand cream, or scents.
  • A small basket having chocolates.
  • Special tea packets.

Whatever you do, fun should always be the priority at a baby shower, and remember, only what the future mom likes is allowed.


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