Are you looking for ideas to celebrate a baby shower for your newborn? At Yardie baby, we present a baby shower planning guide that will help you to conduct a beautiful welcome party for your newborn baby. This celebration is important for parents because, as its name suggests, it is how they welcome their child into the world.

This civil ceremony is widely celebrated in various countries; some know it as the civil baptism or baby shower. Family and friends gather with parents for fun and a joy-filled day. This festivity aims to share the happiness of new parents with their loved ones.

However, like any celebration, it requires organization and decoration. In this post, we will help you meet this goal by giving you some ideas, advice, and tips so you can organize an unforgettable party.


Here are a few ideas that you can implement in the baby shower celebration:

1- Candy Bar

A baby shower always has a table with different sweet dishes. Here come the classic shortbread cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

If you want to expand this table, you can make cold cakes in small plastic cups so that each guest can enjoy these delicacies. You can also buy hard candy canes in the party colors or even have a chocolate fountain fruit spread.

The sweets can vary: people usually make dishes with cinnamon rolls, sweet pieces of bread filled with cream or chocolate, etc.

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2- Balloons

Balloons are an essential part of the party. In addition to giving personality and being a good distraction for children, you can order personalized balloons with the baby’s name.

We recommend that the colors match the party’s decoration and are in strategic points. You can also make a balloon arch where the baby’s name, either on a banner or another more elaborate balloon, is located in the center. Today there are animal balloons, children’s characters, and all kinds of shapes, so you can find the ones you like the most and place them all over the space to decorate.

baby shower planning guide

3- Decor

One idea for decoration is to make the party themed; you can make details with pacifiers, bottles, balloons, and flowers.

Another exciting idea is to make a mural with paper stickers that look like balloons; each can have a dedication from the guests. You can place this on a wall to make some decorations. Another good idea could be to include drawings made by the children invited to the party on the same wall so that they also feel part of it.

baby shower planning guide

4- Invitations

Your newborn baby shower invitations can be elegant and simple or creative. Some parents decide to make themed invitations, that is, with shapes of children, diapers, hearts, etc.; you can also send it via email but with an exciting and creative design. The best thing about this digital option is that you won’t spend as much money and can play with multimedia and interactive elements.

baby shower planning guide

5- Games

The games are necessary to liven up your newborn baby shower. Some of the most popular can range from riddles to a game where guests try to guess a baby food name.

Try to choose games in which the little ones and the adults can get involved so that all the guests have fun together and have a time full of laughter and good times that they will surely remember for a long time.

baby shower planning guide