Meal ideas for 2 years old toddler

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If the little one has turned 2 years old, he can eat practically everything. The most important thing at this stage (and for the rest of life) is to follow a varied and balanced diet.

As time goes by! It seems not, but the “little one in the house” is already two years old, and yes, he can eat practically anything. What is the most significant difference between the diet of a child of this age and that of an adult? Mainly the quantity and the tastes of the minor. As the child is in a stage where he is still discovering new flavors, we can take advantage of more than ever to give him a varied diet. Therefore, we will offer him meals that include all food groups, such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, meats, fish… The important thing is that you follow a balanced diet appropriate to your toddler’s age. Let’s see some ideas.


At this age, a child already begins to show preferences for some foods, so if we talk about fruits, he will surely prefer one piece to another. Of course, it is essential that he knows new flavors and textures and that he does not get used to something in routine.

It might be possible that he may still have some difficulty chewing or not accepting new foods. A good alternative is to offer alternatives with different flavors, colors, and textures without forcing him excessively; sometimes, it may take up to 8 or 10 attempts until a little one gets used to a new food.

As for the amount, it will also depend on the habits of each child. As a rough measure, we can think of three-quarters of the main meal of meat or fish as the most convenient for your toddler’s stomach.

The fundamental thing is that it reaches all parts of the menu, that is, that it does not fill up too much with the first course and then does not leave room for the second or want dessert. This is important so that your toddler gets all the nutrients he needs.

The excellent point is to get the child used to eating family meals and to do so in a relaxed environment. For this, we can avoid television and games and try to teach him to eat only with cutlery. Enjoy the meal time.


You can use these meal ideas for 2 years old toddler for the next menu you prepare or perhaps as inspiration.

1- Lentil and brown rice meatballs

It is an ideal option for children, which serves both to introduce legumes into their diet and the perfect alternative for those who have some difficulty chewing. Moreover, your child will also love this dish.

2- French omelet with mushrooms

A way for the little ones to take eggs and take them out of the traditional French omelet. With this easy idea, you will attract the child’s attention at the same time that you will be able to introduce new foods in a very simple way and without complicating yourself.

3- Cream of rice

Making a cream of rice is a perfect idea if you don’t have great notions of cooking, if your child is getting into complementary feeding or if he has been having some stomach pain for a few days. Try to make a delicious cream of rice for him.

4- Bluefish burgers.

A way for the little ones to eat fish and not resist? Perhaps if we make some hamburgers with this food, they will begin to get used to its flavor since it will be much more attractive to them.

5- Eggplant pizza

Perhaps this idea is for when you have a little more time. But it can be a good and attractive way to make the children eat eggplant and spend some time with the family if you decide to make the dough at home.

6- Tropical fruit salad

A very refreshing and colorful dessert that will attract the attention of children. A very easy recipe to make and with which you can make various combinations according to the fruits that your little one likes the most.


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