5 Questions with Marta and Barbara of Yellow Meadow


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The Yellow Meadow collection truly brings a smile to our faces. These motherhood staples are so full of femininity and fun! The gorgeous gowns and swaddles are printed with such attractive, colourful and powerful patterns.
We loved diving a bit deeper into the story behind this beautiful brand from Poland, run by two sweet sisters, and supported by the wonderful community of women around them.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves, where you live and about your families.
Hello! We are sisters Marta and Barbara. We’ve grown up in a little town in Poland surrounded by forests and meadows. After high school we moved to Warsaw where we have lived ever since.

We are both mothers of little girls. Marta is mum to 3 rebel girls: Barbara (7), Hanna (4) and Carolina (2), Barbara is mum to Pola (2 years old) and little Maria (2 months). We are both mums full time and no matter what, motherhood is our priority number one. Yellow Meadow is our feminine creative space, where we can charge batteries, learn, develop and add something beautiful to the world!


2. Tell us a little bit about your brand and how you came to create your label.
The idea of Yellow Meadow was born in 2016, when we both were pregnant and spent a lot of time together chatting, planning and day-dreaming. We both gathered our maternity essentials, only to find out that there were no truly amazing and feminine robes on the market! Nothing that would meet the criteria of being beautiful, made from high quality materials and produced in a spirit of fair fashion. We wanted something natural, ultra comfortable and highly stylish. Like a favourite dress! That’s how we have decided to create our own label which would fill the need of having amazing kimono style robe for pregnancy, labor and beyond. It turned out that women have been waiting for it!

3. What is important to you when designing your products?
When creating a new pattern or a new product, we always dive deep into our feminine souls and try to empathise with women, mothers. We believe our products are made for women to feel beloved and beautiful on all stages of their motherhood journey. That’s why testing phase is always a very important stage in all our projects: we ourselves, our mum, our friends and even our grandmothers are part of that process!

At Yellow Meadow it is all about women and original patterns. ​We draw from nature and art. Our prints are an exclusive artistic journey. First discussions, sketching, cutting, and drawing. Afterwards sitting at the computer, putting the jigsaw pieces together for many hours, looking for the amazing combinations of colours that will result in a unique pattern.

4. You’re sisters and business partners! That’s a very special dynamic, can you tell us how it works for you and your business?
Yes we are sisters and happen to run a business together. That was not the initial life plan… Marta is an economics girl, who worked in the supply chain of baby food for many years. And Barbara is a young vet. We have different backgrounds and we are totally different people but we share the same values. This is the basis of our good relationship and cooperation. We split responsibilities to match our interests and skills. New prints or photo sessions are always shared projects — simply because both of us want to be part of it.


5. What do you love most about your job?
Very powerful and enjoyable are the creative periods, like the process of designing new prints or the organisation of a photo session. Currently, we are totally into our new project: a short promotional movie, where Barbara and little Maria will become movie stars
Absolutely fantastic is that we can work with so many amazing women. We are lucky to work with the uncommonly gifted Anna Stefańska (pattern designer) and the amazing photographer Nat Kontraktewicz. Nothing would be possible without all the wonderful ladies in our small sewing facility in Warsaw – we love visiting them. That is what makes us so proud of Yellow Meadow: that from the ​beginning to the end, it is a very local and feminine business.

But ​what we love the most is the feedback from our customers! It is truly wonderful to hear that we can make so many women feel amazing at home. They send us so many sweet messages. Women really love our kimonos, they take them to the labor ward and spend long days and nights afterwards not even taking it off. Afterwards, they take them for vacations and can’t imagine a day without it. We actually make a difference in people’s everyday lives!

Yellow Meadow is a member of our shopping portal, such a wonderful brand!
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