Cute 1st Birthday Girl Outfits

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Hi friends, this week we’re bringing you a roundup of cute 1st birthday girl outfits because even though birthday celebrations look a little different these days, I know all of you are still excited to celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday in style! Why not throw a first birthday party or cake smash that’s safe for social distancing? It can be done! And she’ll need a cute bubble romper to do it!

Infant Girl’s Purple Seersucker Bubble Romper with Tulle SkirtRight now, we’re carrying lots of cute 1st birthday girl outfits, including the cuteheads confetti tulle bubble romper in three colors (another one is coming too!). We’ve got muted colors, Rifle Paper Co. bubble rompers and some fun, bright patterns. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got your cute first birthday girl outfits.

Infant Girl’s Pink Confetti Tulle Bubble RomperRifle Paper Co. Bubble Rompers

Speaking of Rifle Paper Co., this navy and pink Rifle Paper Co. bubble has been the most popular of the season! I love learning about our customers and seeing which pieces they gravitate toward; I can totally see why this floral Rifle Paper bubble romper is so popular.

The colors, the ditsy floral pattern… it just works. Plus, it’s 100% cotton and so soft, meaning if you do your baby’s cake smash in this outfit, you can throw it in the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Infant Girl’s Pink and Navy Rifle Paper Co. Bubble RomperI love this hunter green Rifle Paper Co. bubble too. It’s one of our newer styles, and it’s already growing in popularity!

Infant Girl’s Hunter Green Floral Rifle Paper Bubble RomperNeutral Color Bubble Rompers

Next, my favorite cute 1st birthday girl outfits are the ones that are both adorable and comfy. We use 100% cotton whenever possible because as a mom of two girls, I know how tough it can be to get our kids to wear cute clothes that don’t feel good. Because of this, I’m really loving this gray beige buffalo plaid romper because the cotton is so soft, and it’s perfect if you’re into a more neutral palette.

Infant Girl’s Gray Beige Buffalo Plaid Bubble RomperAnd why not complete the look with this adorable metallic capelet?

Pink and Green Floral Bubble Rompers

Finally, when my girls turned one, I loved these boho floral prints. Our boho floral print bubble rompers are adorable for a first birthday party or first birthday cake smash. I love the combo of pink and green; it’s so versatile for a first birthday party.

Infant Girl’s Pink and Green Boho Floral Hoop Bubble RomperInfant Girl’s Pink and Green Floral Double Gauze Muslin Bubble RomperInfant Girl’s Pink and Green Floral Cotton Bubble RomperWhich one of these cute 1st birthday girl outfits is your favorite? Do you have a first birthday to celebrate coming up?
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