Tips for choosing a baby name

Tips for choosing a baby name

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“Name is prayer,” is a saying that we hear quite often in society. As a lifelong identity, the name is very important to its owner. Therefore, sometimes there are some parents who prepare the best name for their baby, long before the birth of their child. Choosing a baby name can be confusing at times. No wonder you and your partner may argue when looking for a suitable name. To help you and your partner determine the name of your little one, we have prepared a list of some tips for choosing a baby name.


Before choosing a baby name, you and your partner need to pay attention to several things. One consideration is the gender of the baby which will affect the name. Baby boy names and baby girl names are certainly different.

Various references from the internet or books are usually also used to facilitate the search for baby’s name. Apart from that, there are some other tips that you need to consider before choosing a baby name.

Sorting options

From the internet or books, you can easily find many lists of baby names. Before choosing a baby name, you and your partner can mark names that are liked or interesting. After collecting several options, you can ask your family or friends to help you find the best one.

Pay attention to the meaning

You have to pay attention to the meaning of the baby’s name you choose. Don’t let it have a bad meaning or have the potential to embarrass the child. Some countries even ban someone who is considered to have a name with historical problems, such as Adolf Hitler.

Pay attention to calls

In choosing a baby name, you should also pay attention to the use of the nickname later. For example, if the baby has the name Katherine, maybe later her friends will call her Ka-te with the Indonesian spelling.

If you object, we recommend that you refrain from using a name that, if shortened, would have a different meaning. It is feared that when he grows up and goes to school, he will get bullied by his friends because of his name.

Pay attention to the initials

Don’t choose a name for a baby that when initialized becomes an embarrassing word, for example, Tika Anandia Insani. Your little ones’ friends will probably embarrass him with these initials.

Consider the uniqueness of the name

Choosing a unique name is fun, but if it’s too unique or “different”. People may have trouble pronouncing your baby’s name or find the name odd.

Indeed, no one forbids unique names, but make sure it doesn’t make it difficult for children to pronounce their names later.

Avoid names that remind you of unnecessary things

It’s best not to name your baby with a name that can remind you of unnecessary or hurtful things, such as the name of an ex-spouse or the name of a school bully. Of course, this must be considered carefully so that you do not feel disturbed.

Choose one that is easy to spell

It would be better if you choose a baby name that is easy to spell. Because mistakes in the spelling of names can be fatal, especially on important documents. Not only that, but you may also get bored of correcting the mistakes of the people who wrongly spell your baby’s name.

Always talk to your partner

Never take a unilateral decision in choosing a child’s name because your partner may not like it, and even cause an argument. Always talk to your partner nicely, then choose a baby name by mutual agreement.

The decision to choose a baby name, be it a baby boy or a baby girl, is entirely up to you and your partner. In addition, you should choose a name that relates to happy things or the best wishes for your baby.


If you and your partner agree to name the baby based on the family tradition, then this is perfectly fine. Some families may have a long history of using the same naming pattern.

It is also possible to do this for the following purposes:

  • Paying homage to deceased relatives
  • Respect the ancestral heritage
  • Maintaining family initials
  • Maintain a unique combination of surnames.

In addition to tradition, naming baby names is also often taken from matters related to religion. Of course, this is also legal. Some parents choose the names of figures in their beliefs or words that have spiritual meaning.

In helping to choose the right name that contains a religious element, you can ask for help from the leaders of your beliefs. For example, in choosing a Christian baby name, ask for help from a local cleric or religious leader. Be sure to choose a name that has a good meaning or reflects a good figure.


There are situations when the family cannot decide on a name: the opinions of the parents do not agree or the authority of older relative crushes the decision. And sometimes parents can’t think of a name they like.

Do not get upset and conflict with relatives in such cases. Analyze the names that your loved ones offer, and discuss their meanings. Perhaps in the course of the conversation, opinions will begin to change or more options will appear. It is better to conduct such dialogues in a respectful, calm tone, then there will be more chances for an agreement. Explain to your loved ones that their opinion is very important to you, but the decision on choosing a name should be made by the mother and father of the baby.

If it was not possible to agree or you cannot decide – postpone the issue, until the birth of the child. In about 30% of cases, parents who have decided on the name of the baby, looking at the newborn, understand that the name does not suit him. And then they decide another name for their baby.

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