Houston Child Model Call for cuteheads

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Hi friends! cuteheads is currently looking for a pair of sisters to model the cuteheads FW20 collection for an upcoming photoshoot in Houston, TX. We typically do full-scale shoots with lots of models on location, but due to COVID19, all big photoshoots are on hold.

Fortunately, celebrations, parties, special occasions and NEW STYLES are not! In order to get everything shot so we can get it to you, we’ll be shooting on location with just two models, fully masked and socially distanced.

This is 2020, y’all.

If you’re in the Houston area and have two girls, we are on the hunt for sisters, one who wears size 2T through 8, and one who wears 6-12m, 12-18m or 18-24m (standing/walking toddler).

There are a few ways to apply:

Email a photo to info (at) cuteheads.com with the subject line “MODEL CALL 2020”
Post a photo of your girls on Instagram and tag @cuteheadskids. Mention the model call in the caption. Keep in mind if your account is private, we will not see it.
Post a photo on Facebook and tag @shopcuteheads. Make sure your privacy is set to public for the photo you post.

We’re so excited to work with some new families this Fall!
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